At Desert Mountain Health we understand the importance of monitoring each and every one of our clients from a medical standpoint. Many clients enter our programs as a dual-diagnosis client meaning they suffer from the disease of addiction but also suffer from some sort of behavioral health issue such as: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc… While some of these symptoms may be a direct result of their use and addiction, and many can disappear over a period of abstinence; it is important to have our licensed medical professionals asses these cases and handle them as needed. At Desert Mountain Health each client will receive a medical and psychiatric evaluation upon entering our program. Once these evaluations are complete a member of our medical staff will determine what course of action to take. Each client meets with one of our medical professionals on a weekly basis and their medications, if any, will be monitored and prescribed by one of the physicians. Should any other medical crisis occur during their stay, we have the necessary professionals to address these concerns. Please see below for more details on the medical services offered.

For more information about medical services offered at Desert Mountain Health please feel free to call us or see below for more details!

Medical Staff

  • Medical Director: Dr. Ronald Segal, MD – Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist
  • Nicole Morin, PA-C – Board Certified Physicians Assistant
  • Dr. Gargi Dwivedi, MD – Board Certified Family Physician


  • Medical Evaluations upon intake
  • Psychiatric evaluation upon intake​

Medical Appointment

  • 1 visit with a member of our medical staff upon admission
  • Client can see the doctor on other occasions if needed
  • One of our medical physicians is on call at all times

Medications During Addiction Treatment

  • Our medical team will monitor all medications and prescriptions throughout a clients stay
  • Controlled substances will not be prescribed upon discharge