A crucial aspect of detox is ensuring that each individual has a safe and healthy after-care plan in place, prior to their discharge. Based on the circumstances and needs of each individual, our Aftercare Planning will help with transitioning to Inpatient Services, Sober Living, Individual Addiction Therapy, Medical Services, and 12-Step Meetings, to name a few. All of these elements help each of our clients have a smooth transition, eliminating many of the fears of leaving detox without a safe plan in place.

At Desert Mountain Health, our number one concern is the care of our clients and the success of everyone achieving long-term sobriety. We are here to make each and every client feel at home so that the recovery process is as comfortable as possible. To learn more about our aftercare planning please feel free to call us or see below for more details!

Inpatient Services

Desert Mountain Health’s inpatient medical services allow our clients to detox safely and effectively. With 24/7 care from experienced medical professionals, the painful symptoms that are associated with detox are greatly reduced. Clients live on site during detox, with all of the necessary amenities and resources for a comfortable detox at their fingertips.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a key component in recovery because it allows our clients to explore the many emotions and feeling that rise to the surface during the process. Our masters level therapists help clients discuss their thoughts and help each individual plan for what is to come.

12-Step Meetings

An important factor in all aftercare planning is helping clients become involved with 12-Step Meetings. As soon as an individual is ready to take the first steps towards recovery, 12-Step Meetings are necessary for continuous support and guidance throughout the journey.

Continued Therapy/Medical Wellness

Referrals to Outside:

  • ​Therapists
  • Doctors/Psychiatrists/Addictionologists/Naturopaths
  • Life coaches​​
  • Massage therapists
  • More!

Sober Living

Sober living homes are the most ideal place for those in recovery to live post detox. Aftercare planning includes finding a sober living community for clients to reside after they leave Desert Mountain Health. These homes are full of individuals going through similar challenges as they work through the many phases of recovery. The support found in sober living homes is a necessity for individuals who often feel alone during this time.

Medical Services

Many of our clients are not only dealing with the disease of addiction, but also other diagnoses. Our experienced medical professionals evaluate each client and plan a treatment for their needs. The Desert Mountain Health medical team also prescribes and monitors medication when needed, reducing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These medical services help ease patients into the aftercare stages.