Alcohol Detox Phoenix

Alcohol Detox Phoenix

Our detoxification facility is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and we serve the needs of this population by providing effective and compassionate medical care for people struggling with addiction who require detox services. This is a licensed facility that is established within our community. The supportive services are available for people from all backgrounds and educational levels.

Addiction can affect people from any walk of life, and our staff understands how to work with people who are coming from a variety of situations. Training and continuing education are all a part of our routine, and we also encourage the addict and their family members to learn as much as possible about addiction and recovery. In addition to closely monitoring the symptoms of withdrawal, the staff at Desert Mountain Detox offer valuable resources to each person who is struggling with substance abuse. We also offer inpatient and outpatient treatment options following detox to ensure that each person has the tools necessary to have successful long-term recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Phoenix

Medical supervision for alcohol or drug detoxification is highly recommended. This is true even if the person has gone through withdrawals alone in the past. The detoxification process is sometimes referred to as a medical detoxification procedure, but this does not mean that all traces of the substances will be gone. The medical detox process just means that the person will be under medical supervision during the period where the addict is experiencing withdrawals. This may include medication, group therapy, private therapy, nutritional counseling and other outpatient support services. During the detoxification period, the physical discomfort is sometimes reduced through the use of prescription medications.

Physicians who are trained and experienced in treating addiction understand the physical nature of the cravings. The medications can reduce the intensity of the discomfort by providing the brain with chemicals that are capable of filling that need. They can temporarily reduce the effects of withdrawals by providing the brain with chemicals that are less harmful than the drug itself. During the detox process, the person can learn new skills that will help during sobriety as well. However, this recovery process is rarely effective without a strong and stable network of support.

Medically Supervised Detox Programs

Detoxing alone is potentially dangerous, and there are many things that can go wrong. Relapses can happen at any time during the recovery process. The most important aspect about our detox service is that it is just the first step to creating a sober lifestyle, and medical detox cannot replace the necessary follow-up treatments that lead to long-term sobriety. However, this is a powerful first step on the road to recovery, so it should be handled in a way that produces the most promising results.

This includes the educational materials for the person using the drugs and/or alcohol as well as their friends and family members. Mind-altering substances can create dependency on a very physical level, and the tools to deal with the effects are not always available without medical supervision.

If medications are utilized, the medications are administered and carefully monitored in order to minimize the effects of withdrawal, which might otherwise be severe. Detoxing alone is not recommended for this reason.

The process of getting sober can be intense for everyone involved. This includes family members, friends and any children who are also dealing with an addict. Getting additional help after the initial detox process is done will help addicts to remain sober and learn how to relate to the people in a way that is responsible and respectful. However, many people who are dealing with an addict might also need additional support as well. This is why continued treatment through inpatient or outpatient treatment is often recommended.

Alcohol Detox Phoenix

Detoxification is just the first step on the long road of recovery, which can take many years. Once the sober lifestyle has been started, maintenance is necessary in order to avoid relapse. The addiction is often connected with a social network of people, so replacing the unhealthy network with a supportive one is critical. The resources necessary to do this are often not available to the addict prior to the medical detox period. By attending the inpatient treatment programs following detox, the person can learn new skills that will eventually become natural.

Detoxing alone can be dangerous in many cases, and we do not recommend this option even for people who have done it in the past. Our services can help the addict to get on the road to recovery, and this is important because there is a vulnerable period between detoxification and recovery where relapses are possible. Detoxification is an important step when you are beginning to recover from the physical, mental and physiological effects of addition. Getting help quickly can make a big difference in how the recovery process goes. Getting information is critical for making good decisions, and our staff is always available to answer your questions. For additional information, or to request immediate help, contact Desert Mountain Detox, as soon as possible.