scottsdale drug detox

Scottsdale Drug Detox

The first step in overcoming an addiction is admitting that you have a problem. Before you can do anything else, however, you will most likely need to detox from whatever substance or substances that you have been using. Over time, addictive substances like drugs and alcohol create physical dependencies that can cause serious withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, it is crucial not to go it alone when clearing your system of these substances. If you are ready to get on the path toward true recovery, then, it is crucial to locate a Scottsdale drug detox that offers medically supervised detox services. Once you have safely withdrawn from the substances that you have been using, there will be space for you to get started on the real work of recovery–and that work should ideally begin in a comprehensive addiction recovery facility.

The Dangers of Detoxing Alone

Experiencing that moment of clarity where you realize that you have a serious problem can be very motivational. In that instant, you may strongly feel the urge to quit whatever substance that you have been using “cold turkey.” While our culture tends to look favorably on those who have the “resolve” to do this, the truth is that abruptly discontinuing the use of drugs or alcohol can cause serious and even life-threatening symptoms to occur. Many times, they arise with alarming speed, so there may not be time to get the care that is needed before something terrible happens.

From the standpoint of long-term recovery, going without medically supervised detox is a big misstep because the process is so uncomfortable and stressful that it’s all too easy to go right back to using. Beyond that, many symptoms can arise that range from being mildly uncomfortable to downright life-threatening; some examples of these include the following:

  • mood swings
  • anxiety
  • confusion and hallucinations
  • headache
  • sweating
  • trembling or shaking
  • nausea and vomiting
  • increased blood pressure
  • insomnia
  • seizure
  • cardiovascular collapse

Medically Supervised Detox: The First Step in a Successful Recovery

Like many who become dependent on drugs or alcohol, you may feel like since you got yourself into this mess, it’s up to you to get out of it. In actuality, however, you are dealing with forces that are far stronger than sheer willpower. For true recovery to happen, you need to get and accept all of the help that you can. The very first part of this is seeking medically supervised detox at an inpatient addiction treatment center. Our Scottsdale drug detox recently opened a detox facility, so patients can seamlessly transition from detox into a comprehensive addiction treatment program.

What to Expect in Scottsdale Drug Detox

Seeking addiction help is a big step, and it’s normal to feel apprehensive about undergoing detox. Realize, however, that you will be in the care of compassionate doctors, nurses and therapists who are there to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the process.

Medically supervised detox consists of three stages: evaluation, stabilization and transition to rehab. When you first arrive, then, you will undergo a comprehensive evaluation encompassing the state of your mental and physical health. Information regarding the substances that you have been using, how frequently you were using them and how much you were using will be gathered and used to ensure a successful detox.

Coping with Withdrawal Symptoms

Like anyone who is trying to overcome an addiction, you are likely to be nervous about how you will feel while detoxing from drugs or alcohol. A huge benefit of undergoing medically supervised detox is that medication therapy is used to manage and alleviate those symptoms, which are actually fleeting. Depending on what you are withdrawing from, you may be prescribed anticonvulsants, antipsychotics or antidepressants. If you are withdrawing from opioids, medications like methadone and Suboxone may be recommended. All the while, your vital signs will be monitored to ensure that you are kept comfortable and stable.

Transitioning to Rehab After Detox

Increasingly, addiction treatment centers are incorporating medically supervised detox as part of a comprehensive addiction recovery process. This makes sense because during detox, patients develop bonds with the professionals who care for them. This bond serves as the first, crucial step on the path toward recovery. It is important because oftentimes, people who are coping with addictions have serious underlying issues and are often reluctant to be vulnerable enough to accept help.

Change Your Life Today

If you are ready to reclaim your life and to get on the road toward recovery, it’s important to understand that detoxing is just the first step. The real work begins after the substances have been flushed from your system because this creates space for the work that must happen next. With that in mind, if you are looking for help, our Scottsdale drug detox is here for you. Contact Desert Mountain Detox today.